NetAccess-wa is proud to provide Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Service in conjunction with TSS Digital Services and Qwest Communications.  Whether you are well versed in the technology and the benefits DSL  provides, or you require an education on the subject NetAccess-wa is here to help.

DSL Service is a technology that functions over your existing phone line.  With DSL you maintain a constant connection to the Internet.  No more dialing, authenticating, or annoying busy signals.  It is a simultaneous voice/data transmission that allows you to talk on the telephone and surf the Internet at the same time without having two telephone lines.  The voice and data are transmitted to the nearest Qwest Central Office, and the DSL Equipment at the Central Office splits the data and voice components of each call.  Voice transmissions are ent to the Public Switched Telephone Network, but data is transferred to a high-speed ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) fiber network, and deliverd to us, your ISP.  By moving data traffic off the Public Switched Telephone Network and onto the ATM fiber network, voice traffic benefits by avoiding the extended hold times caused by data transmissions on voice switches.  The data traffic benefits by avoiding the bandwidth limitations of voice switches. 


    •Continuous Connection:  Continuous "on" allows you to connect to the Internet much easier than a dial-up modem over the telephone network.  With DSL technology you connect to the Internet through a standard Ethernet interface, there is no dialing, and no typing a username or password.  The familiar squack fothe analog modem will become a distrant memory.  Simply click on your browser to connect.

    •Data/Voice Integration:  With DSL service, you can choose to have your data services reside on an existing telephone line.  This meansyou can use the telephone or fax at the same time you connect to the Internet.

    •Ease of Use:  With DSL service you get the ease-of-use and freedom fo high speed, digital services with nothing more sophistacated than an Ethernet card and a DSL modem.

    •Never A Busy Signal:  DSL routes data traffic off the Public Switched Network so congestion and interface problems are eliminated.  The speed at which data can be sent is greatly increased to deliver voice, multimedia and data quickly and easily.

    •Cost Effective:  DSL service is a fast rate, competitively priced service.  You simply pay:

      •Standard Qwest tariffed telephone line charges;

      •The DSL Service ccharge based on the selected bandwidth; and

      •The Internet access charge set by your ISP.

To see if DSL is available in your area click here.

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